The Early Warning eXplorer (EWX): A User-friendly Interface to View Maps and Time Series of Geospatial Data

EWX: Overview and Users

The Early Warning eXplorer (EWX) is a web-based single-page application for exploration of geospatial data related to drought monitoring and famine early warning. The EWX enables scientists, analysts, and policymakers to view diverse data sets side-by-side in the same spatial bounding box, while also stepping through sequences of multiple time-series data sets. The EWX also allows users to view summary statistics and plots for user-selected regions by administrative zone, crop zone, hydrologic zones, or country. The objective of the EWX is to provide the famine early warning community with a lightweight, customizable web-based GIS client focused on the needs of food security analysts and decision-makers. Key features are listed below, however, new user-friendly features and data sets are being added as the user community and analytical requirements of that community expand. EWX instances are hosted by several different agencies, including:
Climate Hazards Center EWX Viewer:



  • Allows access to agroclimatic data sets (e.g. precipitation, temperature, & vegetation)
  • Allows a user to compare and contrast different agroclimatic data sets
  • Allows downloading of data and maps
  • Allows for bulk downloading of time-series
  • Allows users to zoom in on their focus domain and extract data for predefined polygons
  • Provides data, anomalies, & Z scores