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CHC scientists Chris Funk, Shrad Shukla, and Frank Davenport present thier research at the American Geophysical Union Conference 2020. 

CHC Early Estimates, which provide a tool for monitoring rainfall conditions using combinations of CHIRPS, preliminary CHIRPS, and the CHIRPS-GEFS 15-day forecast, are featured throughout the Somalia 2020 Post Gu Food Security and Nutrition Outcomes and Projections

CHC's regional scientist Alkhalil Adoum publishes "An Evaluation of 20-m ESA-CCI S2 Prototype LC Product" with Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems. 

Sari Blakeley, Greg Husak, and Chris Funk are featured on USGS EROS’s Eyes on Earth podcast, in an episode titled Insuring West Africa’s Crops.

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