Diego Pedreros



Diego Pedreros has been working in disaster preparedness and response since 1999, when he joined the EROS Center as part of the USGS's reconstruction team in Honduras after Hurricane Mitch. As part of the Mitch program, Diego participated in the creation of a center for geographic information management, where personnel training was conducted for participants from more than 50 municipalities. In 2002, Diego moved to Mozambique to participate in the creation of the Atlas for Disaster Preparedness and Response in the Limpopo Basin, after the floods of 2000. Diego then joined the Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET) team as a member of the CHC. As part of the FEWS team, Diego has participated in training, rainfall analysis, and crop area estimation for food security analysis in Central America, Afghanistan, and Africa.  Lately, Diego has focused on monitoring the rainy season using the FEWS NET tools GeoCLIM, GeoWRSI, and SMPG. Diego Pedreros has a B.A. and a M.S in Geography from the University of California, Santa Barbara.