CHC's Shrad Shukla and Frank Davenport Announced as NASA-SERVIR AST PIs

The CHC is pleased to share that Associate Researchers Shrad Shukla and Frank Davenport have been selected by NASA as Principal Investigators for the next SERVIR Applied Sciences Team (AST). The Climate Hazards Center is uniquely distinguished in being the only institution within the SERVIR Eastern and Southern Africa Hub & West Africa Hub to receive funding for two projects. 

Shrad Shukla willl serve as PI in "Connecting West Africa users to cutting-edge resources: Integrating satellite observations and sub-seasonal climate forecasts to enhance agricultural and pastoral water-management decision-making using 21st-century agro-pastoral water deficit predictions," while Frank Davenport will serve as PI in "Using Earth Observations and Statistical Models to Enhance Drought, Food Security, and Agricultural Outlooks in Eastern and Southern Africa." These projects overlap in their desire to place better monitoring & forecasting tools in the hands of regional decision-makers while implementing a lasting framework that will directly contribute to improved food security in these regions. 

Read the full Space in Africa announcement here.