Agrilinks Features CHC's CHIRTSmax

Agrilinks features CHC's "CHIRTSmax: New global temperature product to inform climate change studies, climate extreme analyses, and early warning applications." 

Key Takeaways:

  • CHIRTSmax is a global gridded estimate of monthly averages of daily 2-m maximum air temperature (Tmax) that directly combines satellite and station-based estimates of Tmax to produce routinely updated data to support the monitoring of temperature extremes.
  • The CHIRTSmax development process (Fig. 2) broadly follows the data development strategy used to develop our CHIRPS 1981-to-the present precipitation data set (Funk et al. 2015a). The basic idea behind CHIRPS was to produce a data set suitable for monitoring weather extremes in areas with limited in situ observations.

Originally published 10-25-2019