Agrilinks Highlights CHC's Work in May's Earth Observations for Food Security & Agriculture Feature

Agrilinks, in collaboration with USAID, will feature Climate Hazards Center research throughout a month-long campaign to highlight the value of Earth observation (EO) data. The U.S. Government's Global Food Security Initiative, Feed the Future, highlights and uproots the causes of hunger, malnutrition, and poverty. Feed the Future also aims to create a food-secure world by spotlighting the essentiality of EO data.

The CHC will collaborate with Agrilinks to discuss the value of two EO-related endeavors - CHC's SERVIR-funded efforts with RCMRD to better equip key stakeholders throughout eastern Africa with accessible, easy-to-use EO data, as well as the recent benefits of CHIRPS and CHIRPS-GEFS in the early warning of poor rainfall since late 2018.